1. Curriculum development, implementation of EFA, MDG, free and compulsory education
  2. Administration and regulation:

(a) Early Childhood Education / Primary

(b) Elementary

(c) Secondary

(d) Technical & Vocational / Education Research

(e) Physical Education

  1. Education Policies and Planning
  2. Measures to eliminate drop-outs at Primary / Secondary / Elementary Colleges levels
  3. Grant of scholarship in consultation with Finance Department
  4. Promotion of literacy (male / female)
  5. Production and distribution of Educational and Scientific films
  6. Teacher Professional Development Pre-Service and In-Service
  7. Extra Curriculum activities in Educational Institutions
  8. Development and Review of Text Book upto Higher Secondary level
  9. All Service matters of the employees of the attached departments, which does not include employees of the Secretariat and except those matters entrusted to Services and General Administration Department or to any other Department.